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31.01.13 Winner announced of our November free prize draw

Congratulations to Edward Chan from Dafeng Port for winning the November 2012 prize draw!

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31.01.13 Winner announced of our December free prize draw

Congratulations to Gisli Sverrisson from the Port of Keflavik-Njardvik for winning the December 2012 prize draw!

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06.11.12 Winner announced of our October free prize draw

Congratulations to Jim Maloney from the Port of San Francisco for winning the October 2012 prize draw!

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24.10.12 Winner announced for our September free prize draw

Congratulations to David Phillips from the Tasmanian Ports Corporation for winning the September 2012 prize draw!

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05.04.12 Ruby Terminal, Viet Nam, newly amended incl. charts and restrictions

The FPSO "Ruby II'' is fixed with a turret mooring which is permanently anchored in position Lat. 10° 23′ 09″ N, Long. 108° 30′ 28″ E, and is approx. 2 km. from the RBDP-A wellhead platform, in position Lat. 10° 23′ 00″ N, Long. 108° 29′ 23″ E.

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05.04.12 Brake in Germany newly amended incl. arrival and medical

Brake is a modern, multi-functional speciality port. The southern section of the port serves as a transshipment facility for animal feedstock and grain (known as BioPortBrake), while the northern section is used for handling forestry products, iron, steel, plants/facilities as project cargo, and sulphur. Within the inner harbour, accessible via sea lock, coastal motor vessels and barges can be cleared and handled for further (inner-) European logistics.

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05.04.12 March Port Information Report: 522 port updates

In March, 522 updates were made to over 250 ports, harbours and terminals around the world. 

6 new ports have been added and 26 plans added.

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20.03.12 Motril, Spain, newly amended incl. documents and connections

Located on the south coast of Spain, Motril port handles dry and liquid bulk, general cargo, passengers and Ro-Ro.

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20.03.12 Sungai Linggi, Malaysia, newly amended incl. charts and tugs

Sungai Linggi port and Sungai Linggi Offshore International Floating Transshipment Hub (Lift-Hub).

At the Lift-Hub, vessels engaged in transfer operations shall moor alongside each other at anchor to conduct ship-to-ship (STS) operations.

Sungai Linggi port is a dry cargo river port on the left bank of the Linggi river at its mouth.


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20.03.12 Tirebolu, Turkey, newly amended incl. documents and shore leave

Tirebolu comprises a small harbour handling fishing vessels, and a CBM discharge facility for LPG vessels 1 n.m. NE of the harbour. The harbour is under development to handle dry cargo.

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19.03.12 Minor amendments available for Puerto Princesa, Philippines

Puerto Princesa is a general cargo port on the mid-east coast of Palawan, Philippines.

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19.03.12 Major amendments to Petersburg, USA, now available incl. approaches and berths

Petersburg is a fishing centre. The city has two cold storage plants, four canneries, two oil terminals, and a sawmill. Commodities handled at the port include fish and fish products, logs and lumber products, machinery, petroleum and petroleum products, provisions, and general cargo.

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19.03.12 Ratnagiri, India, newly amended incl. authority

Ratnagiri comprises a dry bulk port, adjacent to the city of Ratnagiri, which has one quay, and Finolex Port located approx. 6 n.m. south, handling primarily chemicals for the manufacturing of plastics. The Finolex facility is the third largest manufacturing facility of its type in India.

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18.03.12 Rimouski, Canada, newly amended incl. charts and berths

Rimouski port serves as regional oil and gas distribution hub; as transshipment centre for soft wood; and handles general cargo and dry bulk such as salt and sand. Also handles fishing vessels. Port has road links.

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18.03.12 Minor amendments available for Pulupandan, Philippines incl. port limits

Pulupandan is a small multipurpose port which handles bulk sugar, molasses, general cargo, lumber, fertilisers, livestock, metal and metal products.

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