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Max. Size:  Breakbulk:  45,000 d.w.t. Containers:  45,000 d.w.t. Passengers:  Depth 9.1 m. Bulk:  45,000 d.w.t. Gas:  3,000 d.w.t.
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  Ho Chi Minh City Tan Son Nhat Int'l, 10 km.
Repairs/Drydocks:  Drydock 180 x 30 x 8.1, capacity 25,000 d.w.t.
Medical:  Facilities available.
Ho Chi Minh City
Flag of Viet Nam
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Also see Cat Lai and Nha Be
OVERVIEW:  Large multipurpose river port with public- and privately-operated facilities. Overall, Ho Chi Minh City and its neighbouring districts form the country's main port.
LOCATION:  Southern Vietnam, 70 km. NW of Vung Tau and approx. 30 n.m. from open sea. Details of facilities cover the inner city area of Ho Chi Minh City on the Sai Gon river (Song Sai Gon), from its confluence with Nha Be river (Song Nha Be) and Dong Nai river (Song Dong Nai), just south of Phu My Bridge (Cau Phu My), to downstream of Thu Thiem Bridge.
Also see Cat Lai and Nha Be
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 1036, 1039, 1100, 1261 and 8260.
Publications:  BA China Sea Pilot, Vol. 1, NP 30.
DOCUMENTS:  See General – Documents
ISPS COMPLIANCE:  Port is compliant.
MAX. SIZE:  Breakbulk:  45,000 d.w.t.
Containers:  45,000 d.w.t.
Passengers:  Depth 9.1 m.
Bulk:  45,000