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“It (Findaport.com) was definitely worth the wait and something I can use more often now, as it’s much quicker to check things on it.”

Chris Baker MICS, Industry Analyst 


A subscription to Findaport.com is intended to assist shore based maritime organisations or vessels with unlimited internet capabilities, in accessing the most up to date port information available to the maritime industry to effectively plan a port call. 

Conduct a quick search by port name or country, or used the advanced search option to search by location coordinates, port facilities (airport, fuel, surveyors, water, ballast, slops, banks, medical, tugs, ISPS and waste), cargo facilities (bulk, cranes, gas, containers, cruise and tankers) and/or drydock facility sizes.  A list of ports meeting your desired criteria will be provided, from which you can choose to view the more detailed port information.  Click here for more information on searching with Findaport.com.

Our information is researched and updated daily by our team of editors using only authenticated sources such as port authorities, agents and operators. Therefore you can be safe in the knowledge that with findaport.com you are accessing the most up-to-date information available to us, including co-ordinates, max. size, cargoes handled, fuel availability, local connection, repairs/drydock and more. Click here for more detailed information on data categories which we provide.



Findaport.com enables you to:

  • view a port's full text entry structured in a logical sequence
  • access over 9,700 ports, harbours and terminals worldwide
  • conduct both basic and advanced searches
  • view over 5,500 port plans and terminal diagrams which can be overlaid on Google maps and satellite imagery on Google earth
  • view over 1,000 port photographs
  • view the location of ports on a map
  • access ACE Reports sent to us directly from those at the forefront of the maritime industry
  • save your favourite searches and favourite ports
  • learn more about findaport.com through our 'News and Announcements' feature
  • contact OneOceean Group Ltd using interactive features, including the support forum, report errata and request a port function
  • access links to third party information including weather and port websites


Our Information Feedback System

At Shipping Guides we want to ensure that we supply the maritime community with the best quality port data available to the industry.  In order to deliver this fundamental principle, if you can not find the port information you are looking for, Findaport.com provides a feedback system linked directly to our editors.  Any errors or missing information reported is researched immediately and provided back to the customer as soon as possible.

  Request a new port listing.
  Report an error in our information or request additional information.
  Submit a report of the conditions you experienced following a port visit. 
  All information provided to us is strictly confidential but provides vital additional information for your fellow seafarers.



This is a commercial product intended for business use only and is not available to private individuals.

An annual subscription to Findaport.com is designed to allow one user to have unlimited access to the essential port information required. Please contact us on contactus@findaport.com for more information on pricing.


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Offline access to port information in a digital format.

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