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Brake in Germany newly amended incl. arrival and medical

Posted: 5th April 2012

Brake is a modern, multi-functional speciality port. The southern section of the port serves as a transshipment facility for animal feedstock and grain (known as BioPortBrake), while the northern section is used for handling forestry products, iron, steel, plants/facilities as project cargo, and sulphur. Within the inner harbour, accessible via sea lock, coastal motor vessels and barges can be cleared and handled for further (inner-) European logistics.

Information amendments available under overview, location, charts, documents, density, arrival, pilotage, anchorages, VHF, berths, facilities (bulk, other and tanker), stevedores, waste disposal, medical, fresh water, dry dock, police/ambulance/fire, fire precautions, security/gangway, holidays, telephones, connections, shore leave and banks.