It is the policy of OneOcean Group Ltd only to publish information received from authoritative sources and whilst every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in FindaportCD is correct, it must be clearly understood that this publication is intended as a guide only, that the information cannot be guaranteed correct and that final responsibility must, as always, rest with the Shipmaster. 

OneOcean Group Ltd will not disclose the source of any published information.


Certain ports include items of navigational significance for general guidance only.

Although many port plans have been geo-referenced, they should not be used for navigational purposes. In particular, the shapes of buoys are indicated by varying symbols, which may be consequent upon local usage and without resemblance to internationally recognised symbols. These should therefore be disregarded. 

Users of Findaport.com, FindaportAPI and FindaportCD should bear in mind that due reference must always be made to the latest navigational information issued by proper authorities and hydrographic services.