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Max. Size:  Channel:  Depth 18.0 m. Containers:  Draft 15.5 m.
Airport:  Port Elizabeth Domestic, 22 km.
Medical:  Hospitals available.


OVERVIEW:  A modern, sheltered port handling containers. There are plans to develop additional facilities to handle manganese ore exports, liquefied gas, bulk liquids and breakbulk cargo
LOCATION:  At the mouth of the Coega River in Algoa Bay, 10 n.m. NE of Port Elizabeth.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 4156, 4157 and 4158.
INT Charts No. 7531 and 7533.
SANHO Charts No. 1024 and 1026.
Publications:  BA Africa Pilot, Vol. 3, NP 3.
1 Certificate of Clearance for Ships (Form DA.3)
1 Crew List (Customs Department)
1 List of Sealable Goods on Board Ship (Form DA.5)
1 Livestock Form (Customs Department)
1 Report Inwards/Outwards for Ships (Form DA.1)
1 Transire (for a destination in the RSA) (Form DA.4)
Post Office: 
1 Declaration and Post Office Certificate (P1/8)
1 Notice of Arrival and Departure of Vessel (P1/27)
Port Health: 
1 Crew List (with last vaccination dates)
1 Maritime Declaration of Health