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17.01.12 Barecelona port information newly amended incl. charts and max. size

Located on the NE coast of Spain, Barcelona is a major regional port handling most types of cargo and cruise vessels.

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17.01.12 Quintero, Chile, newly amended incl. new photo and charts

Quintero, approx. 15 n.m. north of Valparaiso in Chile, handles bulk, oil, gas and general cargo at a number of private facilities, including Puerto Ventanas.

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17.01.12 Port of Dakar, Senegal, recently updated incl. port limits and approaches

Dakar located on the westernmost promontory of Senegal, is a well-protected harbour, accessed throughout 24 hours via a channel dredged to 11.0 m. Harbour is divided into two main areas (south and north zones), and separated by a fishing port and workshops for naval repairs. Facilities include 10 km. of quay and 40 berths. Port handles fish, general cargo, containers, Ro-Ro, passengers, dry bulk and liquid bulk.

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02.12.11 Port of Chiba, Japan recently amended incl. charts and max. size

Located on NE shore line of Tokyo Wan, 12 n.m. east of Tokyo harbour, Chiba is the largest seaport in Japan, and second largest in Japan in terms of cargo handled. Chiba imports crude, products, LNG and LPG, dry bulk raw materials and exports chemicals, steel products and vehicles.

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02.12.11 Major amendments to Yokkaichi, Japan, now available incl. restrictions and berths

This is an industrial harbour with large-scale petrochemical industries and handles containers, Ro-Ro, general, dry bulk and lumber. Yokkaichi is located on the SE coast of Honshu, approx. 18 n.m. SW of Nagoya on the NW coast of Ise-wan

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02.12.11 Minor amendments available for Incheon port, Rep. of Korea

Incheon port comprises of North Port, Coastal Harbour, Inner Harbour and South Port. Incheon handles containers, Ro-Ro, dry and liquid bulk, fishing and general cargo vessels.

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29.11.11 Minor updates to Fushiki-Toyama, Japan available incl. max. size and berths

Fushiki-Toyama port consists of the harbour areas of Fushiki, Toyama and Toyama Shinko (Shinminato). Containers are handled primarily at Shinminato, crude oil handled at Toyama. The port also handles dry bulk, chemicals and forest products.

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29.11.11 Major amendments to Korean port, Gwangyang, now available

Yeosu and Gwangyang ports are divided into four sections.

Yeosu port located at the entrance of Gwangyang Bay for handling dry cargoes, such as resin, paper and bagged cargo.

Yeochon Industrial Complex located in the south of Myo-Do for handling export/import fertilisers, chemicals, crude oil and LPG.

Gwangyang Steel Works located in the north of Myo-Do for handling export of steel coils and import of ores, coal and limestone.

Gwangyang Container Terminal located within Gwangyang Bay with 12 berths for vessels up to 50,000 d.w.t.

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28.11.11 5 Chinese ports recently updated

ChiwanXiuyuQing Lan ShanQuanzhou Weitou Terminal and Quanzhou newly amended.

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10.11.11 Minor amendments to Hong Kong available including tanker facilities

Hong Kong is a hub port and leading container port in a sheltered natural harbour, serving SE Asian Pacific.

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08.11.11 South African port, Durban, recently amended incl. tugs and facilities

Located on the east coast, 680 n.m. NE of Cape Agulhas, Durban is South Africa's largest port, handling containers, general, dry and liquid bulk, passengers, project and heavy-lift.

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08.11.11 US port of Albany recently amended incl. port limits and berths

As the principal port on the Hudson River, 126 n.m. north of New York City, Albany handles grain, breakbulk and liquid bulk cargoes.

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08.11.11 Northern Irish port of Belfast newly amended incl. berths and facilities

The port of Belfast is located at the head of Belfast Lough in Northern Ireland.

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04.11.11 Saudi Arabian port Rabigh newly amended incl. charts and max. size

Located on the east coast of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, about 80 n.m. north of Jeddah, Rabigh is a deep-water port protected by an offshore barrier reef running parallel to the coast. Primarily serves the Rabigh Refinery operated by Petro Rabigh, a joint venture of Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical. The port consists of the Liquid Cargo Port, Pioneer Port, Dry Cargo Port and Dry Cargo Pier.

The industrial area includes a crude oil refinery, supported by the port and a new community established 20 km. to the north of the port.

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04.11.11 Toamasina port, Madagascar, newly amended incl. restrictions and berths

Located on the mid-east coast of Madagascar, approx. 210 km. NE of Antananarivo, Toamasina is Madagascar’s most important port, owing to the existence of a coral reef, which forms a spacious and fairly commodious harbour, entered by two openings. This port handles petroleum, containers, passengers, general, dry bulk, breakbulk, Ro-Ro and fishing vessels.

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