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Intellectual Property Rights and other copyright issues

Shipping Guides Ltd products gain most of their Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) from the EU Database Directive (1996). This establishes an entirely new intellectual property right - a "sui generis" right. Under the Directive, database makers can prevent unauthorised extraction and re-utilisation of the contents of the database.

Information Sources

We recognise the contribution made by our contacts at ports and terminals around the world in assisting us to update our information. Many provide port and terminal handbooks; some correct and amend our information printouts and files and return the corrected versions to us; others direct us to use the information provided on their websites. For all of this help we are extremely grateful.

Much of the information provided by these sources is already covered by its own copyright or other IPR. Where these sources direct us to use such information they are providing an implied permission for its incorporation into the information we hold. This information does not affect the IPR inherent in such publications. We do not claim copyright in such information. We only claim copyright and IPR in our own publications.


All of the information published by us is checked, edited and published in our own style and format. We only include verbatim information of a regulatory nature. Unlike some other publishers, as a rule we do not copy-and-paste information from other sources.

Access to updated port information

Sources that supply information to us about ports can have the edited information returned to them for checking and/or reuse. Should you wish to have the information you supply returned in a mutually acceptable format then please advise us ([email protected]) and we will endeavour to do so.

At times the information contained in an ACE report will be at variance with official data. We do our very best to check all the facts so that readers will be aware of what to expect when visiting a port.