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04.11.11 Saudi Arabian port Rabigh newly amended incl. charts and max. size

Located on the east coast of the Red Sea in Saudi Arabia, about 80 n.m. north of Jeddah, Rabigh is a deep-water port protected by an offshore barrier reef running parallel to the coast. Primarily serves the Rabigh Refinery operated by Petro Rabigh, a joint venture of Aramco and Sumitomo Chemical. The port consists of the Liquid Cargo Port, Pioneer Port, Dry Cargo Port and Dry Cargo Pier.

The industrial area includes a crude oil refinery, supported by the port and a new community established 20 km. to the north of the port.

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03.11.11 Major amendments to Quebec, Canada, newly amended incl. max. size and facilities

Located on the north bank of the St Lawrence River, Quebec is open throughout the year and comprises the following five sectors: Beauport, Anse au Foulon, Estuaire, North Shore and South Shore. Infrastructure and equipment available for handling and storage of general cargo such as woodpulp, newsprint, asbestos, powdered milk and other sensitive goods requiring covered storage. Open storage for other cargo such as granite and other heavy rocks, lumber and electrical equipment. Good road and rail links.

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03.11.11 Chinese port, Taicang, newly amended incl. charts and berths

Taicang is one of three ports comprising Suzhou Port. Taicang includes Taicang International Container Terminal (TICT), Taicang Zhenghe Container Port (TZCP), Wangfang International Port (WIP), Meijin Port, Jiangsu Tangtze Petrochemical Terminal (JYPC), Taicang Powershell Petrochemical Terminal (TPPT), Taicang Wugang Iron Ore Port (TCWG) and Mobil Terminal.

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03.11.11 Restriction and ballast update for Hudson River

The Hudson River port district, located on the NE coast, runs from New York port limits to Albany, 126 n.m. upriver. The river's terminals handle most types of cargoes.

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02.11.11 Minor amendments for Brisbane port, Australia available

As Australia's third busiest port, comprising 28 operating berths and over 7,700 m. of dock line, the port of Brisbane is managed by Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd, and is a major container port.

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02.11.11 The newly constructed port of Dafeng in China is new to findaport.com

Located on the central eastern coast of Jiangsu, 60 n.m. N×W of Shanghai and 120 n.m. SSE of Lianyungang, the port of Dafeng is a new port available on findaport.com.

This newly constructed port is built offshore at the end of a 4.3 km. 2-lane road causeway, along with Yangkou, to serve the industrial area to the north of Shanghai and south of Lianyungang. Port currently handles iron ore, nickel ore, coal, logs, containers, steel coils, corn, wheat, chemicals and vegetable oil. On completion of development, port will have 35 deep-water berths.

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02.11.11 Braefoot Bay, UK, newly amended incl. max. size and berths

Braefoot Bay Marine Terminal is a facility shared between ExxonMobil Chemical Ltd and Shell UK Exploration and Production, as the shipping point for the products of the Mossmorran gas fractionation complex, situated approx. 7 km. inshore from the terminal. The terminal is located on the north shore of the River Forth between the communities of Dalgety Bay and Aberdour, and is separated from the main shipping fairway by Inchcolm Island.

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02.11.11 Cozumel, Mexico, newly amended incl. max. size and anchorages

Located on the west coast of Isla Cozumel, on the eastern side of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel in Mexico, is primarily a cruise port but it also handles cargo ferry vessels.

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31.10.11 Canvey Island, UK recently updated incl. max. size and berths

Canvey Island is a privately owned facilities handling petrochemicals and LPG.

This entry should be read in conjunction with supplementary and pilotage information provided in our London entry.

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31.10.11 Port of Hamina, Finland, has updated port information available

Hamina is on the SE coast of Finland, approx. 75 n.m. east of Helsinki and 19.5 n.m. from the Finnish/Russian border.

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31.10.11 Marmara Ereglisi port, Turkey, recently updated incl. LPG/LNG facilities

Marmara Ereglisi port consists of three terminals, Botas, Butangaz and OPET terminals and handles the import of liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and petroleum products.

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28.10.11 Turkish port Ambarli's port information newly amended incl. berths and facilities

The port is divided into two regions. Region No. 1, Ambarli New Port, located west of the oil terminals, consists of privately owned dry, bulk and container terminals (comprising Akcansa Cement, Set Cement, Kumport, Mardas, Marport Main, Marport West and Total Oil). Region No. 2 consists of oil platforms, jetties and mooring buoys (comprising Aygaz, BP Amoco, Cekisan, POAS and EUAS). The port has no rail facilities but is only 5 km. from motorway.

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28.10.11 Minor amendments to Ceiba Hueca in Cuba newly available

Ceiba Hueca, located on the south coast of Cuba, 15 n.m. SW of Manzanillo, primarily handles the production of three sugar mills for export (Indio Diaz, Francisco Castro Ceruto and La Demajagua).

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28.10.11 Amsterdam, The Netherlands, recently updated incl. charts and max. size

Amsterdam is a major regional hub port comprising several harbour basins accessed via locks. The port handles bulk carriers, containers, general cargo, Ro-Ro, cruise, automobiles and tankers.

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27.10.11 Mugharag, UAE, New port available on findaport.com

Mugharag handles commercial vessels. The primary type of cargo handled is Ro-Ro traffic.

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