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Max. Size:  Channel:  Depth 10.7 m. (CD). Passengers:  Depth 9.1 m. (CD). Ro-Ro:  Depth 9.1 m. (CD). Bulk:  Depth 10.7 m. (CD). Tankers:  Depth 10.7 m. (CD).
Fuel:  By road tanker.
Airport:  Trois Rivieres Domestic, 15 km. Montreal Dorval Int'l, 140 km.
Medical:  Facilities available.
Trois Rivieres
Flag of Canada
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OVERVIEW:  Port is operational through all seasons and is visited by up to 300 ships each year Its modern terminals handle a variety of products including dry and liquid bulk, general cargo, cruise passengers and breakbulk.
LOCATION:  On the north bank of the St Lawrence River, midway between Quebec City and Montreal.
CHARTS:  Canadian Chart No. 1313.
BA Charts No. 4777, 4782, 4783, 4784, 4785, 4786 and 4787.
Publications:  BA St Lawrence Pilot, NP 65.
1 Bill(s) of Lading
1 Cargo Manifest
1 Crew Effects Declaration (CBSA Form Y14)
1 Crew List (CBSA Form IMM200)
1 General Declaration (CBSA Form A-6 - foreign vessels)
1 General Declaration (CBSA Form I-C - domestic vessels)
1 Maritime Declaration of Health (CBSA Form QS 2001)
1 Passenger List
1 Stores Lists (CBSA Form E1)
1 Crew List
1 ISSC or Declaration of Security
As per regulations, documents to be submitted, via…