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Max. Size:  Containers:  LOA 110 m., depth 4.4 m. (tidal). Bulk:  Depth 2.0 m. (tidal). Tankers:  Depth 4.4 m. (tidal). Gas:  Depth 4.4 m. (tidal).
Airport:  Macau Int'l, 5 km.


OVERVIEW:  A sheltered port handling containers, petroleum products, dry bulk and liquefied gas.
LOCATION:  On the west side of Coloane on the western shore of the Zhujiang River estuary, 30 n.m. WSW of Hong Kong.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 341, 1555 and 3026.
Publications:  BA China Sea Pilot, Vol. 1, NP 30.
ISPS COMPLIANCE:  Port is compliant.
MAX. SIZE:  Containers:  LOA 110 m., depth 4.4 m. (CD).
Bulk:  Depth 2.0 m. (CD).
Tankers:  Depth 4.4 m. (CD).
Gas:  Depth 4.4 m. (CD).
APPROACHES:  Entrance channel is approx. 1.8 n.m. long with min. depth 4.4 m., it is unsuitable for vessels exceeding LOA 100 m.
PILOTAGE:  Compulsory for foreign vessels. Pilotage service is provided by Marine & Water Bureau Shipping & Seafarers Department, and available throughout 24 hours.
Notification:  Application for pilotage services should be made at least 48 hours in advance. Applications should be submitted to the Marine & Water