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Max. Size:  LOA 400 m., beam 48.0 m., draft 15.85 m., depth 18.5 m. (LAT). Locks:  Via Pierre Van Damme Lock, depth 14.9 m. Containers:  Depth 16.0 m. (LAT). Ro-Ro:  Depth 16.0 m. (LAT). Bulk:  Depth 8.7 m. (LAT). Tankers:  Depth 14.0 m. (LAT). Gas:  135,000 cu.m., LOA 350 m., beam 55.0 m., draft 12.0 m.
Fuel:  All grades.
Airport:  Ostend Int'l, 30 km. Brussels Int'l, 135 km.
Medical:  Facilities available.
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OVERVIEW:  The port consists of Zeebrugge Outer Harbour handling containers, LNG, passengers and Ro-Ro, Zeebrugge Inner Harbour handling bulk, containers, food and Ro-Ro and the port of Bruges handling bulk. The Zeebrugge Outer Harbour is connected with Zeebrugge Inner Harbour via the Pierre Vandamme Lock to the Verbindingsdok and via the Visart Sea Lock to Boudewijnkanaal (Baudouin Canal). The port of Bruges is connected with the Zeebrugge Inner Harbour via the Boudewijnkanaal
LOCATION:  North Sea, in Flanders, NW Belgium.
Bruges:  At the southern end of Boudewijnkanaal, approx. 11.5 km. (6.2 n.m.) south of Zeebrugge.
CHARTS:  Belgian Charts No. D11, 101 and 102.
BA Charts No. 1872 and 1874.
Publications:  BA Dover Strait Pilot, NP 28.
PORT LIMITS:  To the north, a line drawn between the seaward end of the east and west jetties. In the south, the port limit is Boudewijnsluis, by which the port of Zeebrugge is connected to