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Max. Size:  Containers:  Draft 10.5 m., depth 10.5 m. (tidal). Ro-Ro:  Depth 9.6 m. (tidal). Bulk:  Draft 9.2 m. (tidal). Tankers:  Depth 12.0 m. (tidal).
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  Juanda Int'l, 20 km.
Repairs/Drydocks:  50,000 d.w.t. graving dock.
Medical:  Hospital and Port Health Centre.
Flag of Indonesia
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OVERVIEW:  Tanjung Perak is the port of Surabaya, handling general cargo, bulk carriers, gas carriers, tankers, container vessels, Ro-Ro and passenger vessels
LOCATION:  On the north shore of eastern Java Province, at the mouth of the Mas River in the Strait of Madura, 50 n.m. SE of Tuban Marine Terminal and 60 n.m. south of Camar Marine Terminal.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 921 and 975.
Publications:  BA Indonesia Pilot, Vol. 3, NP 34.
DOCUMENTS:  Upon arrival ships should provide, or complete as necessary, the following forms:
3 Animals (Nil) Lists
3 Arms and Ammunitions (Nil) Lists
3 Bonded Stores Declarations
3 Cargo Manifests
3 Cargo Manifests (in transit)
3 Crew Effects Declarations (FAL 4)
3 Crew Lists (FAL 5)
3 Mail (Nil) Lists
3 Medicines Lists
3 Narcotics Lists
3 Parcels (Nil) Lists
3 Passenger (Nil) Lists (FAL 6)
3 Plants (Nil) Lists
3 Ports of Call Lists