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Max. Size:  Breakbulk:  Depth 10.0 m. Containers:  Depth 11.0 m. Ro-Ro:  Depth 7.0 m. Bulk:  Depth 10.0 m. Tankers:  Draft 10.3 m. Chemicals:  Depth 10.0 m. Gas:  Depth 8.0 m.
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  A Uani Domestic, 9 km.
Repairs/Drydocks:  Minor repairs possible.
Medical:  Facilities available.
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OVERVIEW:  Indonesia's third largest port, handling breakbulk, dry and liquid bulk, containers LPG and Ro-Ro. Port operates throughout 24 hours.
LOCATION:  Centrally located on the north coast of Java.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 918, 2797, 3730 and 3731.
Publications:  BA Indonesia Pilot, Vol. 1, NP 36.
PORT LIMITS:  Bounded by the parallels Lat. 06° 53′ S and 06° 57′ S and the meridians Long. 110° 24′ E and 110° 26′ E.
DOCUMENTS:  Required for inward and outward clearance:
25 Cargo Manifests
   Crew Effects Declaration (FAL 4)
9 Crew Lists (FAL 5)
   Customs Cargo Clearance (PU) Import
   Customs Documents Transshipment (Model H if any)
   Customs 5 B Form from Last Port of Call
   Free Pratique Granted
   Health Book (used Indonesian port only)
   International Load Line Certificate
   Last Port of Clearance
   Light Dues Bill from last Port of Call
   Passenger Effects Declaration
   Registry Certificate
   Ship Safety Equipment Certificate
   Ship Safety Radio Certificate