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Max. Size:  Depth 12.0 m. Containers:  Depth 12.0 m. Passengers:  Depth 12.0 m. Ro-Ro:  Depth 4.0 m. Bulk:  Depth 12.0 m. Tankers:  53,000 d.w.t., LOA 236 m., draft 10.97 m.
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  Inter-island service only.
Repairs/Drydocks:  Slipway 110 x 16.0 m., capacity 2,800 tons.
Medical:  Facilities available.
Porto Grande
Flag of Cape Verde Is.
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OVERVIEW:  Largest port in the Cape Verde Islands. It has a coastal trade terminal handling mainly container, passenger and fishing vessels
LOCATION:  NW part of St Vincent (Sao Vicente), in a semi-circular bay radius approx. 1,750–2,000 m., naturally protected against strong ocean currents. Ilheu de Passaros lies 0.7 n.m. WNW of Pta Joao Ribeiro.
Weather conditions throughout year usually good to excellent.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 366 and 367.
Publications:  BA Africa Pilot Vol. 1, NP 1.
PORT LIMITS:  Inside a direct line running from Pta. Joao Ribeiro to Pta do Morro Blanco.
DOCUMENTS:  On arrival the Agent requires:
5 Bills of Lading (Discharging cargo only)
5 Cargo Manifests (Discharging cargo only)
3 Crew Lists
3 Passenger Lists
1 Maritime Declaration of Health
1 Stores List
Port Doctor may wish to see Ship Sanitation Control (Exemption) Certificate.
No special form for Passenger Lists and Crew Lists, those in general use…