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Max. Size:  Channel:  LOA 181 m., draft 7.5 m. Breakbulk:  Depth 9.0 m. Containers:  Depth 9.0 m. Bulk:  Depth 7.0 m.
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  Palembang Int'l, 12 km.
Medical:  Hospital available.
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Also see Plaju
OVERVIEW:  River port handling fertilisers, general cargo and containers.
LOCATION:  On the Musi River in the SE part of Sumatera, approx. 450 km. NW of Jakarta..
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 3471 and 3476.
Publications:  BA Indonesia Pilot, Vol. 1, NP 36.
DOCUMENTS:  Upon Arrival:  Harbour Report (obtainable from the boarding Pilot or from the Harbour Master) and Pilot's Certificate to be completed
Maritime Declaration of Health (obtainable from boarding Quarantine officer, or via Agency) to be completed by Master.
Vessels must produce the following certificates and documents, which will remain in the Harbour Master's custody until cleared:
   Bills of Lading
   Cargo Manifest
10 Crew Lists
   International Load Line Certificate
   International Tonnage Certificate
   Last Port Clearance
   Maritime Declaration of Health
6 Passenger Lists
   Registry Certificate
   Ship Safety Construction Certificate
   Ship Safety Equipment Certificate (cargo ships)
   Ship Safety Radio Certificate (cargo ships)
   Ship Sanitation Control (Exemption) Certificate
2 Ship's…