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Max. Size:  Breakbulk:  LOA 225 m., beam 35.0 m., draft 12.5 m. Containers:  LOA 225 m., beam 35.0 m., draft 12.5 m. Passengers:  LOA 225 m., beam 35.0 m., draft 12.5 m. Ro-Ro:  LOA 225 m., beam 35.0 m., draft 12.5 m. Bulk:  LOA 220 m., beam 35.0 m., draft 12.5 m. Tankers:  Displacement 66,000 tonnes, LOA 211 m., beam 35.0 m., draft 12.5 m. Gas:  Displacement 66,000 tonnes, LOA 211 m., beam 35.0 m., draft 12.5 m.
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  New Plymouth Domestic, 21 km.
Medical:  Facilities available.
New Plymouth
Flag of New Zealand
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OVERVIEW:  An artificially-sheltered port handling dry and liquid bulk, passengers, Ro-Ro, containers offshore and breakbulk cargo. The main imports are grains, animal feed, fertilisers and petroleum products, the main exports are crude oil, petroleum products, methanol, LPG and logs. The statutory authority for safety and navigation is the Taranaki Regional Council and the port is also known as Port Taranaki.
LOCATION:  On the western side of the North Island, 135 n.m. SSW of Auckland.
CHARTS:  NZ Charts No. 43 and 4432.
Publications:  BA New Zealand Pilot, NP 51.
PORT LIMITS:  Defined by an arc of radius 2.5 n.m. centred on the triangulation station on Mount Moturoa, in position 39° 03.95′ S, 174° 01.75′ E.
DOCUMENTS:  Contact Agent for latest list of required documents. As a general guide the following departments will require the listed documents
New Zealand Customs:  The following documents should be submitted not less than 48 hours before