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Max. Size:  Depth 9.7 m., draft 8.5 m. Anchorage:  130,000 d.w.t., draft 18.0 m. Containers:  Depth 15.0 m., draft 14.0 m. Bulk:  Depth 9.7 m., draft 8.5 m.
Fuel:  Diesel available.
Airport:  Nacala Int'l, 9 km. Nampula Int'l, 180 km.
Medical:  Facilities available.


OVERVIEW:  Port within a protected bay consisting of Fernao Velos, Namelala, Muanamulo and Bengo bays, handling cement, coal, containers, bulk grain, petroleum products, timber, tobacco and multipurpose cargoes. Currently substantial investment is being undertaken to build new export facilities. A natural deep water port serving northern Mozambique Malawi and Zambia.
LOCATION:  On the mid east coast of the country, at the extreme south of the Baia de Bengo, 465 n.m. NE of Beira.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 649 and 2926.
Publications:  BA Africa Pilot, Vol. 3, NP 3.
PORT LIMITS:  The line joining Ilha Goman to Cabo Columulomo Light at the entrance of Baia de Fernao Veloso.
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