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Max. Size:  Channel:  Depth 45 ft. Breakbulk:  Depth 45 ft. Containers:  Depth 45 ft. Passengers:  Depth 40 ft. Ro-Ro:  Depth 45 ft. Bulk:  Depth 45 ft. Tankers:  Depth 40 ft.
Fuel:  Most grades fuel/diesel.
Airport:  Mobile Domestic, 24 km. New Orleans Int'l, 210 km.
Repairs/Drydocks:  Floating dock capacity 22,350 tonnes.


Also see General before first USA port
OVERVIEW:  A naturally sheltered river port handling dry and liquid bulk, forest products, Ro-Ro, passengers, containers and breakbulk. Some facilities are located at Theodore which is on the western side of Mobile Bay. In addition to cargo berths, there are also shipyard facilities with drydocks.
LOCATION:  On the Mobile River and at the head of Mobile Bay, 135 miles ENE of New Orleans.
CHARTS:  NOAA Charts No. 11376, 11377, 11378 and 11380.
BA Charts No. 3150 and 3851.
Publications:  BA East Coasts of Central America and Gulf of Mexico Pilot, NP 69A.
DOCUMENTS:  See General – Documents before first USA port.
ISPS COMPLIANCE:  Port is compliant.
PFSO:  US Coast Guard Captain of the Port. T: +1 (251) 441 5720. F: +1 (251) 441 6216.
MAX. SIZE:  Channel:  Depth 45 ft.
Breakbulk:  Depth 45 ft.
Containers:  Depth 45 ft.
Passengers:  Depth 40 ft.