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Max. Size:  Tankers:  60,000 d.w.t., depth 12.0 m. (tidal).
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  Heraklion Int'l, 75 km.
Kali Limenes
Flag of Greece
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OVERVIEW:  The port is a major fuel storage and bunkering station. Other services available include storing, crew changes, medical treatment, repair and inspection work. Vessels can be bunkered alongside or at anchor
LOCATION:  On the northern side of Aghios Pavlos Islet off the south coast of Crete, 65 km. SW of Heraklion.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 1091 and 3680.
Publications:  BA Mediterranean Pilot Vol. 5, NP 49.
DOCUMENTS:  Agent will forward required forms for completion. All original certificates should be available for inspection.
ISPS COMPLIANCE:  Terminal compliant.
PFSO:  Capt. Mousadakis Grigoris. T: +30 28 9202 2483. [email protected] www.seka.gr
MAX. SIZE:  Tankers:  60,000 d.w.t., depth 12.0 m. (CD).
PILOTAGE:  One pilot is available, provided by Seka Bunkering Station SA.
Pilot Boarding:  Pilot usually boards 1.0–2.0 n.m. SSE of Aghios Pavlos Islet. Vessels awaiting pilot may anchor in the bay 1.5 n.m. east of the islet.
ANCHORAGES:  Main anchorage is located to