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Max. Size:  Breakbulk:  Depth 10.5 m. (tidal). Containers:  Depth 10.5 m. (tidal). Passengers:  Depth 6.0 m. Products:  Depth 8.0 m. Gas:  Depth 8.0 m.
Fuel:  All viscosities available.
Airport:  Iloilo Domestic, 7 km.
Repairs/Drydocks:  Length 179 m., width 17.07 m., draft 3.05 m. at MLLW without keel blocks.
Medical:  Facilities available.


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OVERVIEW:  Multipurpose port consisting of three main areas: the Commercial Port Complex (ICPC); Fort San Pedro; and Iloilo River Wharf (IRW, also called Muelle Loney Wharf). Port handles breakbulk cargo, containers, passengers and Ro-Ro. Main cargoes are fertilisers and wheat.
A jetty located at Jordan, Guimaras handles local Ro-Ro traffic.
LOCATION:  On the SE coast of Panay on the Iloilo Strait, which separates the islands of Panay and Guimaras, and connects the Panay Gulf with the Guimaras Strait.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 2391, 4479 and 4480.
Publications:  BA Philippine Islands Pilot, NP 33, NGA Sailing Directions (Enroute) Philippines, Pub. 162.
PORT LIMITS:  Iloilo harbour is defined as that portion of Iloilo Strait within the following boundaries an imaginary line extending from the northern bank of Dumangas River, Panay, across Iloilo Strait to Navalas Point on the northern coast of Guimaras; thence along the