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Max. Size:  Tankers:  Draft 11.27 m. Gas:  Draft 13.7 m.
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  Ponce Domestic, 25 km. San Juan Int'l, 150 km.
Medical:  Facilities available.
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OVERVIEW:  A naturally-sheltered port handling petroleum, chemicals, LNG and LPG. Berths are located within Guayanilla and Tallaboa Bays
LOCATION:  Guayanilla and Tallaboa Bays are adjacent to each other and located approx. 15 km. west of Ponce and 90 km. SW of San Juan.
CHARTS:  US NOAA Charts No. 25677 and 25681.
BA Charts No. 478 and 3408.
Publications:  US Coast Pilot 5.
BA West Indies Pilot Vol. 2, NP 71.
DOCUMENTS:  See General – Documents
MAX. SIZE:  Guayanilla:  Tankers:  Draft 11.27 m.
Gas:  Draft 13.7 m.
Tallaboa Bay:  Gas:  Draft 9.14 m.
APPROACHES:  Guayanilla Bay:  The buoyed entrance channel leads into Guayanilla Bay between the shoals extending 0.4 n.m. from Cayo Maria Langa in the east and 1.4 n.m. from Punta Verraco in the west. The entrance channel is approx. 1.5 n.m. long and 0.4 n.m. wide
The approach channel to Demaco Terminal is 91.4 m. wide, dredged to 9.0…