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Max. Size:  Crude:  Displacement 244,000 tonnes, LOA 368 m. Products:  Displacement 179,000 tonnes, LOA 276 m. Chemicals:  Displacement 179,000 tonnes, LOA 276 m. Gas:  Displacement 83,000 tonnes, LOA 276 m.
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  Southampton Int'l, 25 km.


Also see Southampton and General before first United Kingdom port
OVERVIEW:  Operated by ExxonMobil, Fawley Marine Terminal (FMT), together with Hamble, lies within the jurisdiction of the port of Southampton. Fawley and Hamble handle around 23 million tonnes of oil and petroleum-related products each year.
LOCATION:  On the western shore of Southampton Water, 5 n.m. SE of Southampton.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 2022, 2035, 2036, 2037, 2038 and 2045.
Publications:  BA Channel Pilot, NP 27.
DOCUMENTS:  The following are required by Fawley Marine Control:
1 Manoeuvring Plan
1 Passage Plan
1 The standard procedure is to stem the tide. The plan should also indicate which side the vessel will berth and tug/launch requirements. The terminal requires that the bridge is manned as per STCW Convention.
2 The Passage Plan should be in accordance with International chamber of Shipping (ICS) Guidelines.
ISPS COMPLIANCE:  Port is compliant.