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Max. Size:  Crude:  Displacement 400,000 tonnes.
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  Luanda Int'l, 210 km.
Medical:  Medevac only.


OVERVIEW:  The terminal consists of two loading points, one SPM that is the main loading point and the FPSO Dalia, methanol main loading point or back-up crude oil loading point
Characteristics:  The FPSO Dalia, 331,100 d.w.t., displacement 425,000 tonnes, LOA 300 m., breadth 60.0 m., depth 31.5 m. and draft 23.24 m., has a flare at the bow, height 104 m. The tandem loading point is located at the FPSO's bow. FPSO is fitted with X and S band radar transponders and an AIS system for ISPS compliance. There are also yellow navigational lights (RAL 1018) range 10 n.m. on each corner of the FPSO and when visibility is reduced two omni-directional foghorns emitting Mo(U).30s.2M.
The SPM lies 1.05 n.m. (1,942 m.) to the ENE of the FPSO and is a turret buoy secured by six anchors and chains to the seabed. LOA 30 m., beam 19.0 m., height 7.5…