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Max. Size:  Anchorage:  180,000 d.w.t., LOA 220 m., beam 45.0 m. Channel:  Depth 8.0 m. (tidal). Breakbulk:  Depth 10.0 m. (tidal). Containers:  Depth 12.5 m. (tidal). Passengers:  Depth 10.0 m. (tidal). Ro-Ro:  Depth 12.5 m. (tidal). Bulk:  Depth 10.0 m. (tidal). Tankers:  60,000 d.w.t., LOA 200 m., draft 13.0 m. Gas:  60,000 d.w.t., LOA 200 m., draft 13.0 m.
Fuel:  Diesel by road tanker or ex-pipeline on quay.
Airport:  Beira Int'l, 11 km.
Repairs/Drydocks:  Length 115 m., width 17.0 m., draft 8.5 m., up to 5,000 tons.
Medical:  Facilities available in an emergency.


OVERVIEW:  The port of Beira serves the Mozambican interior as well as the republics of Malawi Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. Handles dry and liquid bulk, breakbulk, containerised and fish cargoes. Bulk coals and other STS operations also handled at transshipment anchorages located between 10–25 n.m. SE of Alpha Buoy.
LOCATION:  On the mid-east coast of Africa. Centrally situated in Mozambique's Sofala Province. The port is located on the Pungwe River, 9 n.m. from the mouth of the estuary.
CHARTS:  Mozambique Charts No. 16203, 16303, 49638-M, available from local Agent.
BA Charts No. 1003, 2758, 2932 and 2934.
Publications:  BA Africa Pilot, Vol. 3, NP 3.
PORT LIMITS:  Port limits consist of an area defined by a radius of 16 n.m. centred on the Macuti Lighthouse. A vessel is considered as arrived when the vessel has dropped anchor at the outer anchorage. This time will be counted for the sequence of