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Max. Size:  Bulk:  220,000 d.w.t., LOA 300 m., beam 50.0 m., draft 18.5 m. Tankers:  Depth 20.5 m.
Airport:  Campos Domestic, 55 km. Rio de Janeiro Galeao Int'l, 255 km.


OVERVIEW:  A major regional hub port still under development, handling a range of cargoes. The port comprises Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). T1 berths are located at the end of a 3,000 m. causeway, handling dry and liquid bulk cargo. T2 comprises an L-shaped basin with berths handling dry and liquid bulk, offshore and project cargo. When complete the port will also handle containers, coal and LNG. There are plans to develop repair facilities for the Brazilian Navy
LOCATION:  On the east coast, 255 km. ENE of Rio de Janeiro.
CHARTS:  Brazilian Charts DHN No. 1403, 1405 and 1406.
BA Charts No. 495, 496 and 3972.
Publications:  BA South America Pilot Vol. 1, NP 5.
DOCUMENTS:  Vessels should forward the following documents at the earliest opportunity:
   Arrival Questionnaire (available from Agent)
   Ballast Water Exchange Report
   Crew List
   Document of Compliance
   ISPS Form (available from Agent)
   Loading/Unloading Plan