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Require port information in hard copy format?

Posted: 1st December 2018

New edition Guide to Port Entry available now

The 2019/2020 edition of Guide to Port Entry features port information for over 17,900 global commercial ports and terminals, of which 108 are new to this edition. 

Used by global shipping companies and their fleets in performing port-related planning activities, Guide to Port Entry facilitates the identification of suitable ports for delivering cargo safely and efficiently across the globe. 

With over 83 categories of detailed information available per port, each entry provides critical insight into the maximum size of vessel permissible, the port's vessel entry requirements, communication guidelines, as well as the facilities available at the port in terms of cargo handling and local service providers for both the vessel and its crew. 

The information published in Guide to Port Entry, and its digital equivalents, is provided directly from port authorities, agents and operators and is then reviewed by our in-house team of master mariners. This enables us to provide shipping organisations and the wider maritime community with accurate, comprehensive and reliable port information for making business critical operational decisions.

Presented as a 4 volume, hardback book, Guide to Port Entry is ideal for placing on board vessels with limited or no internet access. However, where the internet is available, QR codes are included for each port which, when scanned using a smartphone or tablet, use the internet to provide the user with access to any port information updates received since the publication of the book. 

Guide to Port Entry 2019/2020 is available to purchase directly from Shipping Guides or via our global network of resellers.

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