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Why do I need port information?

Posted: 16th March 2016

With ports, terminals and harbours playing a key role in the shipment of goods around the globe, access to the latest port information is essential in planning and executing a port call, and enabling safe and efficient access to marine facilities.

At Shipping Guides, our market leading knowledge on ports and terminals, coupled with excellent communications with port authorities, agents and operators, is the foundation which enables us to provide you with unrivalled port information products and services, in a format to suit your requirements.

Categorised into 78 different sections, our information is updated daily by a team of dedicated ex-mariners and enables you to access the specific port information you require for making a port call. Information is presented both as text and plans to provide you with a clear understanding of the port, what facilities are available and where. The digital products benefit from additional features including search functions, maps and port photographs.
Many port entries benefit from Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced by fellow seafarers. These reports, supplied by shipmasters, officers and others at the forefront of the maritime industry, provide an alternative view of their port visit compared with the port’s official entry, thus providing you with more information about the port and its operations.

The Shipping Guides port database is available to customers in various formats, depending on your requirements. These include:


Guide to Port Entry

Present on the bridge of the majority of commercial vessels, this four volume publication is acknowledged as the maritime industry's most comprehensive port reference book. Also available as an eBook.



Access comprehensive port information via disk including maps, plans and port photographs. Two versions are available
FindaportCD:Standard and FindaportCD:Tanker.



Online access to our extensive port information database which is updated daily, including maps, plans and port photographs.



Streamline your business operations or add value to your services by integrating our port information into your website, systems and applications.