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You need port data - here's why...

Posted: 15th March 2017

With ports, terminals and harbours playing a key role in the shipment of goods and commodities around the globe, access to the latest port information is essential for shipping companies when planning and executing a port call, and enabling safe and efficient access to marine facilities.
Critically, not every port has the same facilities available to visiting vessels. Different operating procedures and legal requirements, cargo equipment and berth size, makes each port unique, necessitating that the ship’s bridge team be suitably informed prior to arrival, in order to safely and efficiently visit a port. 


Key benefits of having access to good quality port data include the ability to:
  • identify if vessel/s can fit into the port and whether there are any port restrictions
  • identify whether a port has the facilities available to handle the cargo being carried
  • identify what are the pre-arrival procedures required by the port authority or operator
  • identify which berth/s are suitable
  • assist a vessels day-to-day operations by providing details on fuel availability, dry dock and repair services at port, waste and slops disposal 
  • understand the port or facility’s cargo handling procedures and which services and facilities are available
  • access contact details for key port service providers including chandlers, surveyors, agents, operators and the port authority
  • access information on shore based services, including the nearest emergency services, seamen’s clubs, airports, customs and consulates
At Shipping Guides, our market leading knowledge on ports and terminals, coupled with excellent communications with port authorities, agents and operators, is the foundation which enables us to provide the maritime industry with unrivalled port information products and services, in a format to suit a diverse range of requirements.
Crucially, port data published by Shipping Guides has been fully authenticated by the relevant official authorities, ensuring that the data provided is technically accurate for the mariner to make effective decisions when making a port call.
Shipping Guides port data is available within the following publications:
Integrating port data within other maritime systems is available using the FindaportAPI. This online service enables shipping organisations to streamline their operational effectiveness by incorporating port data into their existing systems. Similarly, maritime service providers looking to add value to their systems can include port data using the API.