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Winner announced of our February free prize draw

Posted: 1st March 2014

Prize Draw Announcement

Congratulations to Juan David Benrey Ortiz, entral Operator at Naves S.A.S. for winning the February 2014 prize draw!

Juan updated the port information for Santa Marta, Colombia, which sees updates to the following headings: Max. Size, Restrictions, Pilotage, Facilities (Bulk, Container and Tanker), Fuel, Holidays, Delays and Agent.

Each port entry return gets entered into a free prize draw, for which the prize is an A1 sized copy of The Shipping World's Map.
This map details over 1,500 global port locations with an indication of the cargoes they handle and also includes the latest MARPOL regulations and International Load Line Zones and Areas.
Thank you Juan for returning updated port information to us.