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General Information for Finland
Capital City: Helsinki.
Nationality: (noun) Finn, (adjective) Finnish.
Population: 5,250,275.
International Direct Dial Code: 358.
Number of Internal Airports: 75.
Major Languages Spoken: Finnish 91.2% (official), Swedish 5.5% (official), other 3.3% (small Sami- and Russian-speaking minorities) (2007).
Currency: 1 Euro (EUR) of 100 Cents.
Main Industries: Metals and metal products, electronics, machinery and scientific instruments, shipbuilding, pulp and paper, foodstuffs, chemicals, textiles and clothing.
Territorial Sea: 12 n.m.
Other Maritime Claims: Contiguous Zone: 24 n.m. Continental Shelf: 200 m depth or to the depth of exploitation. Exclusive Fishing Zone: 12 n.m.; extends to continental shelf boundary with Sweden.
Coastline Extent: 1,250 km.
Climate: Cold temperate; potentially subarctic but comparatively mild because of moderating influence of the North Atlantic Current, Baltic Sea, and more than 60,000 lakes.
Natural Resources: Timber, iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, chromite, nickel, gold, silver and limestone.
Terrain: Mostly low, flat to rolling plains interspersed with lakes and low hills.
Average Temperatures: 
Month High Low
January -7° C -9° C
June 18° C 8° C
September 12° C 6° C
CHARTS:  National charts and Notices to Mariners produced by the Finnish Transport & Communications Agency. Nt Ms and chart catalogue available at
DEEP SEA PILOTAGE:  See Baltic Deep-Sea Pilotage
PRE-ARRIVAL INFORMATION:  PortNet:  Portnet is a port information system maintained by the Finnish Transport Agency. It is the national maritime single window system (NSW) for Finland. The following information is supplied to the Portnet system for all vessel visits to Finnish ports:
  1. Preliminary Notice
  2. Cargo Declaration
  3. Dangerous Goods Declaration
  4. shipyards or information on a shipwreck permit.
Ship arrival notification (Preliminary Notice) and Dangerous Goods Declaration is to be given 24 hours before vessel arrives at the Finnish port. The Cargo Declaration must be submitted no later than one hour after the mooring of the vessel.
Submission of documentation and notifications is made by registered users of the NSW, and available at appt.portnet.fi
VTS/RADAR:  Full information is available for download in PDF format from the `professionals' section of vayla.fi
POLLUTION:  The Ministry of Environment has overall responsibility for the management and control of oil and chemical spill response. Operating under the Ministry, the Finnish Environment Institute is in charge of the response to major incidents and those occurring at open sea. Spill notification point is MRCC, Archipelago Sea Coast Guard District. T: +358 204 1000. F: +358 (2) 250 0950.
REGULATIONS:  EU MRV:  The EU MRV (Monitoring, Reporting, Verification) regulation entered into force on 1 July 2015, and it requires ship owners and operators to annually monitor, report and verify CO 2 emissions for vessels larger than 5,000 g.t. calling at any EU and EFTA (Norway and Iceland) port. Data collection takes place on a per voyage basis and started 1 January 2018.
The reported CO 2 emissions, together with additional data, are to be verified by independent certified bodies and sent to a central database managed by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). The aggregated ship emission and efficiency data will be published by the EC by 30 June 2019 and then every consecutive year.
Ship owners and operators shall monitor the CO 2 emissions of their vessels per voyage conducted into, between and out of EU (and EFTA) ports. A voyage is defined as any movement of a ship that originates from, or terminates in, a port of call (EU port) and that serves the purpose of transporting passengers or cargo for commercial purposes.
TIME:  GMT plus 2 hours in winter. GMT plus 3 hours in summer.
LOCAL HOLIDAYS:  1 January (New Year's Day); 6 January (Epiphany); Good Friday; Easter Sunday; Easter Monday; 1 May (Labour Day); Friday between 19 June and 25 June (Midsummer Eve); Saturday between 20 June and 26 June (Midsummer Day); Saturday between 31 October and 6 November (All Saints' Day); 6 December (Independence Day); 24 December (Christmas Eve); 25 December (Christmas Day); 26 December (Boxing Day).
On Saturdays, Sundays and general holidays in Finland no cargo work is done.
CUSTOMS:  Finnish Customs forms are available at www.tulli.fi/en/business/eservices/forms/shipping-forms/index.jsp
AUTHORITY:  Finnish Transport & Communications Agency, (Traficom), Maritime Directorate, PO Box 320, FI-00059 Helsinki, Finland. Tel: +358 29 534 5000. tilastot@traficom.fi http://www.traficom.fi Contact: Mika Idman, Senior Advisor.