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Get online with your customer


Sell your customers a subscription directly

With the increasing demand for online port information it is now possible for you to purchase subscriptions to findaport.com on behalf of your customers.

Providing a facility which offers greater flexibility has been key to the development of this service.

As with paper and digital products offered by OneOcean Group Ltd, findaport.com subscriptions may be purchased by you at a resellers discount, enabling you to charge and sell to your customers at your discretion.

How does this work?

  • Let us know how many subscriptions you would like to purchase
  • We invoice you (As an affiliate of findaport.com you will receive a discount of 20% off the list price of the subscriptions)
  • Once payment has been received, we email you the codes along with instructions for their use
  • You invoice your customer and pass this code onto them together with the instructions

All the voucher codes issued have a limited lifespan, usually 60 days, and will expire if not used within that time. The lifespan is set at the point when the codes are created and cannot be extended thereafter, therefore, if long lifespan is critical to your customer, please notify us before purchasing and we can adjust the pricing and code set up.

Once the voucher code has been used it cannot be re-used. Once we have issued and notified you of the voucher code details the responsibility for that code transfers to you. It is then up to you to keep this code secure until re-issued and used by your customer.


  • You receive a 20% discount
  • Charge your customer directly as you see fit (if at all)
  • Have greater control and flexibility
  • Your customer's payment flexibility is enhanced whilst still being able to use this resource
  • Multi-subscription licences are now possible
  • To view more benefits of being an affiliate please click here.   

How does this system work for your customer?

Customers who already use findaport.com

New subscribers to findaport.com

  1. Your customer opens their browser at www.findport.com
  2. They login as normal and proceed to www.findaport.com/billing
  3. Here they enter the supplied voucher code in the voucher code box and click Apply
  4. Their subscription will be upgraded to the level purchased for them by you
  1. Your customer opens their browser at www.findaport.com/login_or_signup
  2. They fill in their details to sign up on the login page and enter the supplied voucher code in the voucher code box
  3. They read the Terms and Conditions and check the " I have agreed ..." box and select Sign Up
  4. They then have immediate full access to the subscription level purchased for them by you

If you have any questions, please email us on support@findaport.com.

For more information about our affiliate programme click here.

Please read our affiliate Terms and Conditions.