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Max. Size:  Tankers:  150,000 d.w.t., LOA 275 m., draft 18.0 m. (tidal).
Airport:  Vladivostok Int'l, 190 km.
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Also see Vostochny
OVERVIEW:  Crude oil terminal in the Russian far-east, supplied by the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) pipeline, transported from source in Taishet directly to the port. Port is ice-free throughout the year, but some floating ice may be experienced in the approaches.
LOCATION:  In Primorsky Krai (Primorye), 3.7 n.m. WSW of Vostochny and 7.3 n.m. SE of Nakhodka, in the Gulf of Nakhodka, at the head of Kozmino Bay.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 2432, 3041 and 3046.
Publications:  BA Sailing Directions, NP 43.
ISPS COMPLIANCE:  Terminal is compliant.
PFSO:  Andrey Gennadievich Martynov, Head of Security Service.
MAX. SIZE:  Tankers:  150,000 d.w.t., LOA 275 m., draft 18.0 m. (LW).
DENSITY:  1025.
RESTRICTIONS:  UKC:  Minimum UKC in berth 2.5 m., depth 21.0 m. (LW). Berth No. 1, max. draft 18.0 m. (LW).
APPROACHES:  Two approach channels, one from the west and one from the NW. Minimum depth in the approaches