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Contact us on support@findaport.com to register your interest in FindaportAPI, together with details explaining for what purpose you would like to use our port data. We will discuss your requirements with you and provide you with information on how to proceed.

We recommend that all potential FindaportAPI customers:

  • Sign up for free to findaport.com to view the information available, and request a 3 day free trial of findaport.com to ascertain whether the information available is suitable for your requirements
  • Read the technical information in the API documentation to verify whether our API is compatible with your system

You can apply for an API Key by selecting 'Account' 'API' 'Request a new API key'

API Queries? Ask our development team who are on hand to help you incorporate our information.


FindaportAPI (Application Programming Interface) gives maritime organisations access to the port information data available on Findaport.com for integration within their own systems.

Whether you just wish to include the port information for a specific country or embed all of the port information provided by Shipping Guides Ltd, the FindaportAPI gives you the opportunity to incorporate the world's leading port information dataset inside a variety of software, such as:

  • Voyage estimators
  • Management Information systems
  • Intranets and Extranets
  • GIS display systems
  • Chart Management systems
  • Back-of-bridge systems

Our information is researched and updated daily by our team of editors using only authenticated sources such as port authorities, agents and operators. You can be safe in the knowledge that, with the FindaportAPI, you are accessing the most up-to-date information available to us, tailored to your specific port information requirements.


What can you do and what type of information can be provided with the FindaportAPI?

  • Information is available in over 70 headings, including pre-arrival information, maximum size of vessel, health, safety and security, communications, berthing operations, cargo facilities, shore facilities, regulations and local information.
  • Plans, Photos and Reports of Actual Conditions Experienced (ACE Reports) can also be incorporated
  • Version Management features allow you to check for updates to ports you’ve already stored
  • List or find ports and their facilities to provide relevant information to your users
  • Search features can return results in pages of user-defined size and include the following search parameters:
    • Latitude, longitude and radius for listing ports in a geographical area
    • Country and region for listing ports in a locality
    • Port facilities
    • Cargo facilities
    • Drydock and repair facilities
    • Wildcard support (eg ports starting with ‘Ab’)

… all through a fully featured API offering calls to access all parts of the Findaport.com information model.


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A searchable, easy to use, online service providing the maritime industry with port and terminal data.


Offline access to port information in a digital format.

Ideal for:  shore based shipping companies and maritime service providers and vessels with unlimited internet access


Ideal for:  vessels with restricted internet access, looking to access port data digitally