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Max. Size:  Crude:  120,000 Summer d.w.t., BCM 135 m.
Airport:  Yangon Int'l, 500 km.
Medical:  Only emergency facilities available.

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Yetagun Marine Terminal Flag of Myanmar

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OVERVIEW:  The terminal consists of the FSO Yetagun, a converted tanker (86,542 d.w.t., LOA 263 m including turret arm, max. draft 12.97 m., LBP 233 m.) and all its equipment. It is moored to the seabed via a chain catenary mooring system connected to a bow turret system, which allows the FSO to weathervane 360° according to meteorological conditions. The terminal is operated by SBM Offshore on behalf of Petronas Carigali Myanmar (Hong Kong) Ltd as operator of the FSO Yetagun Field development.
The terminal operates throughout 24 hours.
LOCATION:  235 n.m. SSE of Yangon, in the Andaman Sea.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 824 and 830.
Publications:  BA Bay of Bengal Pilot, NP 21.
PORT LIMITS:  The terminal limits enclose a safety zone which is the area contained within a circle of a radius of 5.0 n.m. centred on the Yetagun Production Platform and FSO. The platform is located 1.3 n.m. SE of the FSO.
DOCUMENTS:  Export tankers must