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Max. Size:  Depth 7.3 m.
Fuel:  Bunker C and diesel available.
Airport:  Mont Joli Domestic, 30 km.
Medical:  Facilities available.

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OVERVIEW:  Port serves as regional oil and gas distribution hub; as transshipment centre for soft wood; and handles general cargo and dry bulk such as salt and sand. Also handles fishing vessels. Port has road links
LOCATION:  On the south bank of the St Lawrence River, approx. 315 km. NE of Quebec City, opposite Forestville.
CHARTS:  Canadian Chart No. 1236.
Publications:  BA St Lawrence Pilot, NP 65.
1 Bill(s) of Lading
1 Cargo Manifest
3 Crew Effects Declarations (CBSA Form Y14)
3 Crew Lists (CBSA Form IMM200)
3 General Declarations (CBSA Form A-6 – foreign vessels)
3 General Declarations (CBSA Form I-C – domestic vessels)
1 Last Port Clearance
2 Maritime Declarations of Health (CBSA Form QS 2001)
1 Passenger List
3 Stores Lists (CBSA Form E1)
1 Crew List
1 ISSC or Declaration of Security
As per regulations, documents to be submitted, via Agent, at least 48 hours before loading/discharging cargo.
Certificates:  The following certificates to be on board and valid for possible