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Max. Size:  LOA 100 m., depth 9.0 m.
Fuel:  Available.
Airport:  Losinj Int'l, 8 km.
Repairs/Drydocks:  Floating Dock, 15,000 tons capacity.
Medical:  Facilities available.

Mali Losinj Flag of Croatia

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OVERVIEW:  Sheltered harbour, handles passenger vessels, fishing and pleasure craft. Local shipyard with floating dock and repair quay
LOCATION:  Northern part of the Adriatic Sea, on the island of Losinj, in western Croatia.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 220, 515 and 1426.
DOCUMENTS:  Required to be submitted on arrival:
1 Animals (Nil) List
1 Arms & Ammunitions (Nil) List
4 Bonded Stores Lists
1 Cargo Manifest
4 Crew Effects Declarations
1 Crew List
1 Declaration of Arrival
1 General Declaration
1 Maritime Declaration of Health
1 Narcotics List
1 Passenger List
4 Stores Lists
1 Stowage Plan
1 Stowaways (Nil) List
1 Vaccinations List
ISPS COMPLIANCE:  Port is compliant.
MAX. SIZE:  LOA 100 m.
PILOTAGE:  Compulsory for vessels over 500 g.t. Pilot boards inbound vessels in position Lat. 44° 33′ N, Long. 014° 25′ E.
ANCHORAGES:  Located in Artatore Bay, in approximate position Lat. 44° 34′ N, Long. 014° 25′ E.
Emergency anchorage for vessels of less than 30 m. LOA in the southern part of the Luka Mali Losinj, at a distance of approx. 50 m. from the…