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Max. Size:  Tankers:  300,000 d.w.t., draft 18.8 m.
Airport:  Shenzhen Int'l, 80 km. Hong Kong Int'l, 85 km.
Medical:  Facilities available.

Port Plans

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ACE Reports

AGENT'S REPORT: March 2000
Operator:  Huade Petro-Chemical Company Ltd.
Terminal:  Huizhou GPC Crude Terminal.
Location:  On an island 6 n.m. from the Huizhou Pilot Station (Lat. 22° 33′ N, Long. 114° 41′ E), in position Lat. 22° 40′ N, Long. 114° 39′ E.
Charts:  Chinese Chart No. 15369 (large scale, Port of Huizhou) is available.
Approaches:  The approach channel to the terminal has width 205 m. and depth 16.1 m.
Berthing:  The length of the berth is 430 m. with depth alongside 16.1 m. Mooring bollards are every 105 m. along the berth face.
Vessels berth port side to.
Restrictions:  Berthing throughout 24 hours.
Max. Size:  LOA 294 m., permissible draft 15.2 m. Vessels having LOA or draft greater than the max. sizes stated should contact Penavico Huizhou for acceptance before arrival.
The max. size of vessel to call at the terminal is 315,695 d.w.t., LOA 354.5 m., beam 56.4 m. and draft 13.67 m. (even keel).
Tugs:  Tugs having 3,600 h.p. are available. If other tugs are needed, notice is required as they have to be ordered from another port.
Cargo Handling Facilities:  There are two chiksans located on the berth, having 16 in. connections.
The terminal has a storage capacity of 400,000 cu.m.
The annual throughput for the terminal is 6,000,000 tonnes.
Discharge Rate:  Max. discharge rate accepted by the terminal is 8,000 cu.m./hr. The max. discharge pressure is 0.8 mpa.
Gangway:  There is a shore gangway available.
Storing:  Ship's stores and provisions are available, notice required by Penavico.
Repatriation:  Crew changes possible.

Mabianzhou Flag of China

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Also see Donglian and Huizhou
OVERVIEW:  Mabianzhou port lies within Huizhou port area and comprises three petrochemical terminals and four jetty berths. Terminals operated by CNOOC Oil and Petrochemicals Company (CSPC) Limited Mabianzhou, Huade Petrochemical Co (GPC) and CNOOC.
LOCATION:  Within Huizhou port, 32 n.m. NE of Hong Kong, south of Donglian Terminal. Tanker jetties located on the east side of Mabianzhou Island.
CHARTS:  China MSA published Marine Charts No. 80301 and 80302. BA Chart No. 340, 345 and 3026.
BA Chart No. 340, 345 and 3026.
Publications:  BA China Sea Pilot, Vol. 1, NP 30.
PORT LIMITS:  Bound by lines connecting the following co-ordinates:
  1. Xiaoyingzui (shore) Lat. 22° 42′ N, Long. 114° 32′ E
  2. Liaogejiao (shore) Lat. 22° 40′ N, Long. 114° 34′ E
  3. Hutouzui (shore) Lat. 22° 39′ N, Long. 114° 36′ E
  4. point at sea Lat. 22° 39′ N, Long. 114° 41′ E
  5. point at sea Lat. 22° 42′ N, Long. 114° 41′ E
  6. coastal point Lat. 22° 45′ N, Long. 114° 36′ E (point may change with reclamation work).
DOCUMENTS:  The following ship certificates should be emailed/faxed to Agent before arrival:
   Certificate of Insurance or…