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Max. Size:  Containers:  Draft 7.9 m. Passengers:  Draft 9.3 m. Bulk:  Draft 7.9 m. Tankers:  Draft 9.3 m.
Fuel:  All grades.
Airport:  Gibraltar Int'l, 2 km.
Repairs/Drydocks:  Graving dock 272 x 38.0 x 10.0 m.
Medical:  Facilities available.

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ACE Reports

SHIPMASTER'S REPORT: June 1980 (Updated 1988)
Offport Call.
VHF:  Lloyd's on Channels 16 and 14. Port and Pilots on Channels 16 and 12.
Pratique:  Cable for free pratique 18 hours ahead. Standard message. Do not expect reply.
Pilot:  Boards from small black hulled motor boat off Rosia Bay. Good lee required. Contact when south of Europa Point.
Anchoring:  Not necessary for offport call with under 1 hour's wait. One anchor required ready with forecastle party on stand-by.
Agent/Quarantine Officer:  Board off south end of Detached Mole.
Procedure: Require 5 Crew Lists and 1 Health Declaration. They also look at ship's papers, Register and Derat Certificate.
For British crew joining and leaving ALC3 and ALC5 are required to be filled in, so joining members must sign on immediately.
Time:  Depends on numbers and ranks joining and leaving, but in October 1980, nine officers left and six joined, procedure took 30 minutes with total off hire of 1 hour and 32 minutes.
General:  Money: Sterling easily available in all denominations but make sure you cable in for Agent to arrange during bank hours.
Films: Walport from Restano films and Vidpak – 48 hours' notice.
Agent: Very efficient, on prior request supplied British newspapers and up-to-date Lloyd's Index.
Anchorage: Northern limit of tanker anchorage, east to west line 1 cable south of North End Detached Mole (Qk.Fl.G), © Head), good anchorage 3–5 cables off mole, single anchor good holding.
For ships awaiting repairs or orders, north limit, east to west line North End South Mole (Fl.2s), A Head.
Current: (From Pilot). Strong southerly setting current up to 4 knots, with east wind, off moles.
Lloyd's signal station: Approaching Gibraltar, will pass all messages to Pilots and Agent.
Port expenses: Agent quoted total off port (including Pilot) £650.
SHIPMASTER'S REPORT: February 2001 Vessel:  LPG tanker, 38,000 cu.m.
Charts:  BA Charts No. 45, 144 and 1448.
Admiralty Publications:  ALRS Vol. No. 6.
Tarwa Traffic:  Gibraltar Bay entrance is immediately east of the Straits of Gibraltar Separation Zone. Vessels call Traffic Control entering and leaving the Bay.
Formalities:  Reduced port charges are applicable for vessels only conducting bunkering operations. This reduction applies to the bunkering operation and a period of 6 hours after bunkering is completed. Thereafter full port fees are payable.
The Port Officer boards the vessel on anchoring and requires the following:
1 Crew List
1 Last Port State Control Inspection
The Port Officer will then look at all the ship's certificates and takes a statement from the ship's Master for the issuing of free pratique.
Anchorages:  Due to the narrow sub-sea shelf off the western side of the Rock in Gibraltar Bay and the close presence of Spanish territorial waters, space is very limited. It is compulsory to have a Pilot on board for anchoring operations.
In an area south of C Head Detached Mole to Lat. 36° 07.5′ N (approx. abeam of Rosia Bay) and distance of 2 cables from the Moles out to the 100 m. contour, giving an area of approx. 1.0 n.m. north/south and 0.6 n.m. east/west.
Our vessel anchored with 9 shackles on the port anchor, in depth of 80 m., in position Lat. 36° 08′ N, Long. 005° 22′ W. Holding ground reported and found to be good. During our stay at the anchorages, the wind was NW Force 7.
The Pilots commented that strong winds can be dangerous due to the gusts coming from the direction of Rock of Gibraltar, and SW wind which blows straight into the bay from the Straits of Gibraltar.
A safer anchorage can be found outside Gibraltar port limits on the eastern side of the rock.
Pilotage:  Compulsory (see ``Anchorages''). The Pilot boards from a small black hulled cutter in the position indicated on BA Chart No. 144, throughout 24 hours, and is very competent. No Pilot is required for departure from the anchorage.
VHF:  Port Control and all other stations listen on VHF Channel 12 as per ALRS Vol. 6.
Fuel:  There seem to be two barge companies conducting bunkering operations in the anchorage off the port on the western side of Gibraltar. One operates modern purpose-built barges from Gibraltar North Harbour and the other old small coasters.
Both companies obtain their bunkers from the CEPSA Refinery at La Linea due to competitive pricing. All fuel grades available.
We were supplied by a modern barge called ``Eileen'' which was well handled, and discharged bunkers to our vessel at an average rate of 300 tonnes/hr.
All bunker barges were observed to berth alongside port side of vessels within the anchorage.
Fresh Water:  See ``Services''.
Shipchandlers:  There are two shipchandlers operating in the port. We used an established local firm called Molinary. Fax: +350 75334. Tlx: 405-2226. jamesmol@gibnet.gi
They were efficient, having a fair range of items. Most of the items specified arrive from Spain. The border closes to commercial traffic from Friday 1500 hrs. until Monday 0800 hrs. Therefore placing orders at the weekend can be very restrictive.
The shipchandler came out to our vessel in a small launch in NW Force 7.
There is also a large Spanish company Provimar that operates in Gibraltar from Algeciras.
Services:  Most can be provided at the anchorage, including fresh water.
Airport:  Gibraltar Airport.
Repatriation:  There are British Airways flights to and from London.
Agent:  There are several Agents in Gibraltar. Our Agent was efficient and did not board the vessel. We sent all the ship's mail ashore with the chandler.

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OVERVIEW:  A British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar is a strategically placed commercial centre offering a wide range of services to vessels of all sizes. Gibraltar is a major bunkering port, benefiting from approx. 60,000 vessels transiting the Strait of Gibraltar annually Gibraltar is also a popular cruise destination, offering a dedicated passenger terminal. There are several facilities for leisure craft including a superyacht marina.
LOCATION:  A peninsula on the northern shore of the Strait of Gibraltar, at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea.
CHARTS:  BA Charts No. 45, 144 and 1448.
Publications:  BA West Coasts of Spain and Portugal Pilot, NP 67.
BA Port Approach Guide No. 8277.
PORT LIMITS:  The Gibraltar Port Authority (GPA) has responsibility for British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW) as denoted on BA chart No. 1448.
DOCUMENTS:  The following should be submitted through Agent not less than 24 hours before arrival:
1 Crew List
1 Declaration of Operations
1 Maritime Declaration of…