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Max. Size:  Bulk:  Depth 17.8 m. (tidal).
Airport:  Carvarvon Domestic, 80 km.
Medical:  Notice required.

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Cape Cuvier Flag of Australia

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OVERVIEW:  Privately-operated bulk loading facility. The current terminal operator is Dampier Salt Limited. Solar salt and gypsum is taken from Lake Macleod and transported to the terminal by road for onward shipment by sea. Two stockpiles hold export material at the port.
LOCATION:  On the NW coast of Australia approx. 75 km. NNW of Carnarvon.
CHARTS:  AUS Charts No. 73 and 746. BA Chart No. 4725.
BA Chart No. 4725.
Publications:  BA Australia Pilot Vol. 1, NP 13.
PORT LIMITS:  The Cape Cuvier terminal is located within the greater Port of Carnarvon, the limits of which have been extended as follows:
A line due west for 4 n.m. from a point on the mainland in Lat. 24° 10′ S, Long. 113° 26′ 4.5″ E, and thence in a SSW direction to Cape Ronsard at the north end of Bernier Island and then as for Carnarvon to the starting point.
DOCUMENTS:  See General - Documents