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General Information for Slovenia
Capital City: Ljubljana.
Nationality: (noun) Slovene, (adjective) Slovenian.
Population: 2,005,692.
International Direct Dial Code: 386.
Number of Internal Airports: 6.
Major Languages Spoken: Slovenian 91.1%, Serbo-Croatian 4.5%, other or unspecified 4.4% (2002 census).
Currency: 1 Euro (EUR) of 100 Cents.
Exchange Rates:  (as of March 2010)
US$ 1.00 = EUR 0.75
EUR 1.00 = US$ 1.34
Exchange rates under licence from XE.com
Main Industries: Ferrous metallurgy and aluminium products, lead and zinc smelting, electronics (), trucks, automobiles, electric power equipment, wood products, textiles, chemicals and machine tools.
Territorial Sea: 12 n.m.
Coastline Extent: 47 km.
Climate: Mediterranean climate on the coast, continental climate with mild to hot summers and cold winters in the plateaus and valleys to the east.
Natural Resources: Lignite coal, lead, zinc, building stone, hydropower and forests.
Natural Hazards: Flooding; earthquakes.
Terrain: A short coastal strip on the Adriatic, an alpine mountain region adjacent to Italy and Austria, mixed mountains and valleys with numerous rivers to the east.
LOCAL HOLIDAYS:  1–2 January (New Year); 8 February (Culture Day); Easter Sunday; Easter Monday; 27 April (National Resistance Day); 1–2 May (International Labour Day); 25 June (National Day); 15 August (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin); 31 October (Reformation Day); 1 November (Remembrance Day); 24 December (Christmas Eve); 25 December (Christmas Day); 26 December (Independence Day).