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Gibraltar Flag of Gibraltar

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General Information for Gibraltar
Capital City: Gibraltar.
Nationality: (noun) Gibraltarian, (adjective) Gibraltar.
Population: 28,796.
International Direct Dial Code: 350.
Number of Internal Airports: 1.
Major Languages Spoken: English (used in schools and for official purposes), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.
Currency: 1 Gibraltar Pound (GIP) of 100 Pence.
Exchange Rates:  (as of December 2010)
US$ 1.00 = GIP 0.64
GIP 1.00 = US$ 1.57
Exchange rates under licence from XE.com
Main Industries: Tourism, banking and finance, ship repairing and tobacco.
Territorial Sea: 3 n.m.
Coastline Extent: 12 km.
Climate: Mediterranean with mild winters and warm summers.
Natural Resources: None.
Terrain: A narrow coastal lowland borders the Rock of Gibraltar.
TIME:  GMT plus 1 hour in winter, plus 2 hours in summer.
LOCAL HOLIDAYS:  1 January (New Year's Day); second Monday in March (Commonwealth Day); Good Friday; Easter Monday; May Day; last Monday of May (Spring Bank Holiday); 18 June (Queen's Birthday); last Monday of August (Late Summer Bank Holiday); 10 September (Gibraltar National Day); 24 December (Christmas Eve); 25 December (Christmas Day); 26 December (Boxing Day).